The skies are calling

The skies are calling

This little plane has plans, that span the whole world and then some.
This little plane is about to live through adventures of unspeakable dimensions.
But this little plane first needs a short rest.

And for that, my son asked me to hold the plane in good hands for a few days.
So, the plane ended up standing on the top of my trusty old 24″ apple screen.
The light from my desk lamp was lighting up the wall behind it and looking at the
plane, I felt I can sense the glorious future, this little plane has.

I wish you, that your best dreams become your ever day adventures.

Yours truly

PS: If we couldn’t dream, the little plane would only be a simple toy and look rather unspectacular. See below. It takes some light and imagination and worlds become true… skiesarecalling_makingof