Primordial buffet

So many things change at a fast pace, so many aspects of life seem unstable. Yet, when I walk on the shore, slowed down from the daily rush, I feel like taking part of that primoridal buffet the seaguls seem to be enjoying since ages and for ages to come… this is just wonderful.

PS: these are the moments, when I truly feel close to my first born son, who has found his way back into the wholeness years ago.

Essential motivation

Life doesn’t do anything without motivation. Regardless of what it does, it only does it if the unconscious mind found true individual worth in a goal. But once the motivation really grew, once the goal has become attractive, life is capable of incredible things. No path seems to long… so if you really want to go anywhere, take good care about finding that one, true goal.

Want to know, where that little snail is headed? Stay tuned for the next picture…