Wedding dance of light and form

I truly love how light and form come together in a wedding dance full of colors. No single day in the “Wadden sea” without wonders, stunning views, breath taking forms and color pools.

And just as in real life, it often is the small ripples that are the source of the rhythm.

Beauty flows in circles

This is what makes the “Wadden sea” so special, so incomparable and stunning: every 12 hours, it invites you to discover completely re-shaped worlds. Countless wonders that come in form, colour and light. Beauty flows in circles.

Technosaurus rex

And then it was time to part with the silence, the vast space and the stunningly untouched landscapes. Suddenly we found ourselves in the kingdom of Technosaurus rex. Or maybe it rather was a Gigantosaurus nekrophilus maximus. Hard to say from the distance and I ddin’t feel like getting closer to those beasts. What a change, what a contrast. And yet I could not deny that I was fascinated by these giraffelike creatures.