Passionate moments in a puddle

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Zwei Interpretationen derselben Spiegelung in einer ordinären Pfütze an einem Wegrand. Die leichten Wellen auf der Pfützenoberfläche schufen eine sehr interessante Spiegelung, die mich stark an Ölgemälde erinnert hat. “Malen mit Licht” wird hier ergänzt durch “Malen mit dem digitalen Pinsel”.

Das “Original” findest du unter diesem Link hier.

Two interpretations of the same reflection in a ordinary puddle on the side of a road. The light waves on the surface puddles created a very interesting reflection that reminded me strongly of oil paintings. “Painting with Light” is supplemented by “painting with a digital brush”.

Please find the “original” can by clicking this link .

Yours truly

7 thoughts on “Passionate moments in a puddle

  1. They are a treat for the eyes, Roland. First time on your blog, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Sometimes I need to be reminded how much I’ll miss if I get lazy. Thanks for the prod.

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