Le ciel bleu

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Stehen bleiben. Den Kopf heben. Nach dem Blau streben und unterwegs dorthin ganz zu innerst von den Farben berührt werden. Herbst. Ich wünsche dem Grau und der Dunkelheit solche Lichtblicke an die Seite.

Stop in your tracks. Raise the head. Strive for the Blue and get touched at the innermost parts by those colours. Autumn. I wish for the gray and the dark to have such glimpses on its side.

Yours truly

4 thoughts on “Le ciel bleu

    • Thank you, Otto. Being in the flow of unconscious daily business makes it sometimes hard to lift the head. If we do, we might be in for a surprise… the world is a magic place, even if we can’t always understand the magic.

      Personally, I was amazed on that peculiar day, how people react if I stand in the forest, looking straight up. We are so used to look at the world in the very same way we always do and did. This might be one of the wonders that photography can do: give the people reason to try to loo differently into their own slice of the world.

      Have a nice day.

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