Before the night awakens

… there is a moment of crescendo in a duet sung by day and night, together, in harmony. And sometimes it seems to me that life is nothing else than this very moment. Whatever happens between birth and death seems like this crescendo, this duett full of tension and relief, coloured with passion and beauty, saturated with possibilities. A moment, when past and present, the dead and the living come together, exist together. Where time has no meaning.

One thought on “Before the night awakens

  1. Oder um es etwas verschwurbleter mit Soren Kierkegaard zu sagen:
    „Der Augenblick ist jenes Zweideutige, darin Zeit und Ewigkeit einander berühren.“

    Danke Role für das eindrückliche Bild und den zum Nachdenken anregenden Text!

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