The journey over the rainbow

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Jeder geht irgend einmal auf die Reise die über den Regenbogen führt. “Over the rainbow”… wenn die Konturen der unsrigen Welt verschwimmen und sich eine neue Welt formt. Eine visuelle Begegnung mit der Transzendenz. Ich freue mich darauf, deine Gedanken zum Bild oder zu dieser Reise zu erfahren.

At some point in time, everyone will start its journey that will lead over the rainbow. “Over the Rainbow” … the contures of the old world start to blur and a new world is about to emerge. A visual encounter with transcendency. I’d love to read your thoughts about this picture or the journey.

Yours truly

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8 thoughts on “The journey over the rainbow

  1. Well, I confess that my first thoughts were not transcendental but more immediate. I just wanted to know how you made the image – was it actual reflections on the water, or did you PS it?

    But concerning the journey over the rainbow. I was fortunate to watch my father die. Fortunate because he had a fear of dying alone, and so I wanted to be there for him. It was a curious sort of fear for him to have because he was adamant in his belief in God and heaven and his own salvation. The fear stemmed not from worry about a loss of existence but from something else, from knowing that his own father had not wanted to die alone and did. I am glad I was there to comfort him. I have thought about that journey a lot over the years. You spoke of transcendence and to me that implies an existence beyond this one, a higher plane of life that we can attain to. One might describe nothingness as a destination at the end of a journey, but who would call it a transcendent place? I like your image because it suggests a certain lack of acuity about the journey and that also fits my own concept of it. I think even for those who believe in a life beyond its clarity must be obscured. But I have to add that as I age I am forced to grapple with the concreteness of finality in this life, and am compelled to hope all the more in the reality of life beyond. As for my father, I can only say that I believe his hopes have been realized, all things have become clear to him now, and he is finding life on the other side of death to be one of real purpose and meaning.

    • Dear David. My reply didn’t end up where it should so you might not have received a message that there was a reply. This is why I post this note here…

  2. Dear David.
    Many thanks for the open and very personal thoughts. I found it to be interesting and challenging to see what happens to my concepts of life, death and whatever happens after dying when I was confronted with the death of my son, Noël. Not only was the “normality” falling appart for in that concept, the parents aren’t meant to bury their children. Experiencing death in such a way surely changed the way I thought about life, creation, death and what might come after death. There’s a belief and there’s a hope. And they are not necessarily the same.

    I had lots of time during the mourning, to think about the transcendence, about the journey “over the rainbow”, about what remains here and what might remain after the body has gone back into the cycle of creation and decay.

    So, this theme is a recurring one in my artistic body of work. And I am so very much pleased someone actually takes the time and shows the openness to talk about it. I do really appreciate your feedback and your story and it is wonderful inspiration for further contemplation about life, death and the transition between.

    Finality, limitedness of lifetime, certainity of being confronted with death… all very intimate and important themes. The death of Noël as well as the birth of the second son, Theo, did truly shown me how important these thoughts are. And for that, I am very thankful.

    All the best to you and your loved ones.

  3. Tolle Idee stimmig umgesetzt.

    Zum von dir gewählten Thema fällt mir ein Aphorismus ein:
    Transzendenz. Dessen unfaßliche Macht sich darauf gründet, keine zu haben. Oder jedenfalls keine in einem uns geläufigen Sinn.
    © Kurt Marti.

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