The little ego | Das kleine Ego

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Mitten im Fluss des Lebens, umgeben von Myriaden Details und kleinen Zaubereien, da amtet das kleine Ego. Klein, nur ganz klein, doch genau darum vor lauter Anstrengung, über all diese konkurrenzierenden Details hinaus zu wachsen, mit hochrotem Antlitz. Ja, so ist das kleine Ego.

(Schnittfläche einer alten Tanne mit einem eingeklemmten Blättchen)

In the midsts of the stream of life, surrounded by myriads of small details and little magic moments, there I find the little ego. Little, only very little, but exactly because of the constant trying to outgrow the competing details, with a crimson face. Yes, such it is, the little ego.

(sectional area of an old pine tree with a jammed leave in a crack)

Yours truly

3 thoughts on “The little ego | Das kleine Ego

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  2. I absolutely love this! I love the meaning. Did you do this? I like how you said, “little ego.” Cause I believe that small things can make a big difference.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Wally, by “did you do this”, do you mean, that I added something here? Well, I didn’t change anything. I found this scene while playing in the forest with my kiddo. The “ego” is a small leave that got jammed into that small crack in the wood. Might be a piece of a pinecone, I don’t know exactly. It was the spontaneous metaphoric potential that catched my attention. Thank you very much for your visit and comment!


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