Layered generations | Generationengewebe

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Werden Sie leise und hören Sie dem Bild zu.
Erfahren Sie Geschichten aus einer Welt, an der wir meist achtlos vorbei ziehen.
Geschichten von Gestern, Heute und Morgen.
Vom Werden und Vergehen, von 
Wichtigkeit und Leichtigkeit.
Vom Loslassen.
Vom Herzen der Blätter.

(Ein Bild aus der Bauwelten-Sammlung – Baustellenstaub in einer Pfütze )

Become quiet and listen to the picture.
Hear stories from a world, which we mostly overlook carelessly.
Stories about yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Of growth and decay, of importance and easyness.
Of letting go.
From the heart of the leaves.

(A picture from the Bauwelten-Collection – Construction site dust in a puddle)

Yours truly

2 thoughts on “Layered generations | Generationengewebe

  1. What a pleasure to be able to revisit one of my favorite images from you… Especially as we head into autumn once again. (At least here, in the Northern hemisphere!)

    • Hey, thanks twice, April. First for the comment and second for remembering this picture. 🙂 Personally, I also find this to be one of my favorites, despite being a rather “difficult” picture for many, maybe too silent for them. But I like the silence, the timeless mood I personally get from this scene.

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