Natural Intermezzo

Grün tanken. Ganz ohne Abstraktion oder anderen expressiven Techniken. Einfach einmal mehr staunen, was die Welt an Reichtum bietet. In derselben Wiese wie beim Bild “Wie eine Heuschrecke” gefunden. Viel Vergnügen bei durchatmen.


Refuelling Green. Without any abstraction or expressive technique applied. Simply feel amazed once again, how beautiful the world around is. Found those shots in the same field as beim Bild “Like a grasshopper”

Yours truly

2 thoughts on “Natural Intermezzo

  1. These are beautiful — refreshing indeed!

    I particularly love the musicality of the first image, and the fact that all are presented “as seen”. That makes such beauty accessible to me, the viewer, in my daily world too!

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